Jesus, COVID, and Gaslighting.

“Jesus would’ve worn a mask.”

You don’t know that, and I don’t know that. This is nothing more than gaslighting someone into guilt. Jesus often acted in unpredictable ways. Would He have worn one? Maybe sometimes. I don’t know. But here is what I do know, Jesus questioned religious leaders and called out their hypocrisy, He championed for women and often went against social customs. He wasn’t afraid to stand up for the less fortunate, for the sick, and for the people that society had cast out. In fact, He almost always elevated the outcasts and used them in various ways for His kingdom.

I believe it all has to do with heart posture.

For example, here are two very similar stories with two very different outcomes.

  1. Angel tells Zechariah his wife who is beyond years is going to have a baby named John. Zechariah says, “How can this be?” And he is made mute until the baby is born for his unbelief.
  2. Angel tells Mary she is going to have a baby named Jesus. Mary says, “How can this be? I am still a virgin?” And the angel explains it to her, but She wasn’t reprimanded for unbelief.

Mary’s question came from a place of awe and wonder. Zechariah’s question came from a place on unbelief. Same question, different results….. it all came down to their heart posture.

Now what does this have to do with whether or not Jesus would wear a mask? Glad you asked, let me explain.

If Jesus were here today, and the people had the right heart posture, He might put a mask on out of respect for them because He knew their heart. I don’t know. Once again He often did things that were not predictable.

HOWEVER, Jesus isn’t going to serve the enemy. If someone is operating from a place that is fueled by spirits of hate, control, or deception, He isn’t going to follow the status quo. If someone would use an image of Him in a mask to manipulate the population, He isn’t going to do it.

All I’m saying is we don’t really have a clue what Jesus would do, but I do know that it would come down to heart posture….

So please,

STOP posting stuff about Jesus wearing a mask. Seriously, just stop.

P.S Jesus healed lepers. He didn’t social distance from them. He was a HEALER. Do you really think He would have social distanced from COVID?!

Stop posting all this nonsense.

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