Your News Feed is Biased

Every single one of us has a biased social media feed. We see things that are historically based off of our past interests. Our search engine results are designed the same exact way, and so are the ads that we are bombarded with daily. But that doesn’t sound so bad does it? The algorithms are so precise and accurate that big tech knows exactly what will catch our interest next. We don’t have to waste our time clicking through a barrage of stuff that bores us.

But there is a huge problem with this. It creates and perpetuates a narrow view in which we view the world. For example, if you continue to feed someone who is paranoid a never ending stream of conspiracy theories, what do think is going to happen? Let me rephrase that, what do you KNOW will happen because there is only one logical outcome. They become more paranoid. I have been deemed by the algorithm keepers to be a conservative Christian. That’s accurate. But the flood of posts I get perpetuating that part of me is really incredible. If I want to see any alternative view points, I have to be very intentional and search them out specifically. And lets be honest, how many people are really doing that to make sure that they aren’t being brainwashed into a specific ideology?? Not many.

Has this in turn affected my decisions in the past despite trying to be as educated as possible on the entire situation and not what is specifically tailored for me? Probably. Is this affecting the way everyone makes informed decisions? Absolutely. Can you not see this? Anti vaxxers only see posts from medical professionals and scientists who question vaccines and tell horror stories about all the vaccine injured people, while those in favor of injecting everyone with experimental drugs are only seeing posts from “leading” world scientists downplaying the side effects. Do you see how this is creating a divide? Do you see how this is polarizing people to such extremes that suicide and depression rates have sky rocketed?

Do you think peace sells? What are you more likely to click on? A report about a bombing in our nation or an article about the best farmhouse decor? Would you click on a link about vaccine death rates soaring or an article about an entrepreneur raising funds to start up his business? The Social Dilemma on Netflix is an amazing documentary about this. One interviewee said, “What sells more? A dead tree or one that is alive?” The people who control the information we are fed do not care about your lively hood. They do not care about the truth. They do not care about divide and spreading fear and violence. In fact, they are banking on it. The more polarized we are , the more click bait they can create. They sit in their ivory towers making money off of the chaos that is ensuing outside of their golden bubbles.

Stop letting this happen. You may agree with the information you’re seeing, but is it the truth? If you are not actively searching out accuracy, you will be easily deceived. “A house divided against itself cannot stand. ” That’s biblical. They knew this truth over 2000 years ago! So why are we allowing those in power to continue to segregate us from each other? Why are we so divided on race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, and education? Do you think that this was all orchestrated on accident?

All I am saying is pay attention. Think outside of your box. The political left is being swamped with stories about the right being ignorant, hate-filled, Trump worshippers. While the left is being painted as devil-worshipping, naive babies. And It is hard to break free from this narrative that is being created! Even with actively trying to remain as unbiased as possible and use God’s Word to define the truth, I still find myself getting agitated and angry with other people. I have to constantly pray and keep my guard up and remind myself that my friends, neighbors and coworkers are not my enemies.

But here is the thing, we are all out here doing the best we can with the knowledge that we have. Life is hard enough and we don’t have to make it harder on each other, Unplug for a while, go for a walk, meet up with old friends. Get yourself off of social media and away from the TV. We have past the age of honest journalism and we now (once again) only see stations tailored to our specific views. We have to get back to basics. We have to get back to love.

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