Sexuality has replaced the soul.

Why? Why is our gender and sexual identity the way society tells us to define ourselves? They say they are removing social constructs and labels by implementing more labels and more social constructs (LGBTQIA+ and 63+genders). There are flags for every form of sexuality and gender identity like that is the most important thing about a person, but its not!

What happened to talents, skills, and gifts? Where are the flags for the authors who spark change with their words? Where are the flags for the engineers, scientists, and mathematical geniuses that pave the way for our world to move forward? Where are the flags for the men and women who fight for us on the front lines in the medical community? Where are the flags for the athletes, poets, musicians, song writers, artists and those who lead revivals and revolutions? Aren’t these things more important than who you are attracted to? Aren’t these things more important than what gender you feel you are?

Did you know that 1 in 3 middle school girls struggle with sexual identity now? Did you also know that suicide and depression rates have skyrocketed to an all time high? Middle school has always been hard, and now these girls are confused wondering if they are a boy solely because they prefer sports to makeup. And don’t tell me this isn’t happening because I see it every day. WHY is this more important than developing skills and hobbies? Why do I see a different flag on every single one of my kid’s friend’s binders, but yet I do not see one volleyball or basketball on those binders, no musical instruments, no favorite animals, or fun doodles. Literally only sexual identity and gender flags…. (and anime but that’s a topic for another day and I would suggest not allowing it in your home either. Do your research)

I am genuinely asking because I am frustrated. I am tired of seeing these kids come to my house and you can feel deep sadness emanating from them. I am tired of seeing these KIDS so depressed they want to take their lives. I am tired of seeing them so confused over who they are that they are having panic attacks and some are even sent away for psych stays in hospitals.


When it comes to my kids and other people’s kids in my home, I feel protective of them and I don’t know what to do. I pray…. I pray a lot, but beyond that this is not a battle I can fight on my own. Please stop feeding into this agenda. Our kids are confused, depressed, scared, and extremely vulnerable right now. The last thing on their mind should be picking out a gender and sexuality. They should be building forts in the woods, playing baseball, riding their bikes, involved in extracurriculars and developing their talents and skills. You can do what you want, I am not your judge and jury, but STOP PUSHING THIS CRAP ON THESE KIDS! PLEASE

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