Is Jesus Worth It?

Recently, we watched a movie entitled, “The Insanity of God”. The movie told true stories of people who were persecuted, imprisoned or killed for being a Christian. We all know that persecution for religious beliefs happen daily, but hearing the personal accounts made it so much more real. It made me even more thankful to live in a country that has freedom of religion. We can go to church, we have the right to own a Bible, and we can pray for our meals in a public place. These things seem trivial to us being raised in America, but many people around the world have never seen a Bible, and they would be shot for owning one (or for praying in public).

The movie ends with an interview of a man who had murdered over 150 people. He said that he couldn’t stop seeing the blood on his hands. One night he had a dream about Jesus and Jesus said to him, “Come find me and I can take the blood away.” This man became a believer and started smuggling Bibles in to middle eastern countries. When the interviewer asked him if his wife and kids were part of his crusade, he said no. He said he didn’t want his wife and children to suffer the way he had. Then the interviewer said, “But, isn’t Jesus worth it?” The man was instantly convicted and told the interviewer he was right. Jesus was worth it.

Since this movie, I have found myself asking the same question. There are days when I don’t feel like reading my Bible, taking extra time to pray, or getting ready for church, but I am reminded each time of the sacrifice Jesus made for me and the sacrifices that people around the world are making just to share the gospel. People who are risking everything for him.

These people are beaten and tortured for their beliefs and never waiver in their faith, but here we are in first world countries ready to throw in the towel for minor inconveniences.  This was really convicting for me. I’ve whined over the past year about not having as much food as I would like to eat. I get tired of having the same thing every day but how miniscule that is. God has still made a way for me to get the nutritious food I need. He has still taken care of me. Other than cheese burgers, I have everything I have  prayed for at this point in my life. I am truly blessed to be where I am today. The least I can do is spend a few hours a week at church, read a daily devotion and spend a few minutes each day praying because Jesus is definitely worth it.

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