Change of Heart

Proverbs 14:30 “A heart at peace gives life to the whole body.”

This has been a hard week for me health wise. With any chronic illness, the symptoms ebb and flow. Sometimes they go in to remission for a while, and then they come back with vengeance. It’s a perpetual cycle of two steps forward and one step back. This past week I had three panic attacks. I have no idea where they came from or why. I just know that I had THREE of them.

After going so long without panic attacks or depression, I took the day yesterday to reflect on my life. I prayed and cried for about 6 hours straight on my couch. I felt horrible and all the, “What ifs” started plaguing my mind. “What if I am going crazy?”, “What if I will never get better?”, “What if I have to deal with this all my life?” I  begged God to give me some direction, and he did.

As soon as I stopped crying, I came across an article about the heart/brain connection. . Right after that, a scripture popped up in a comment section. It said, “Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do will flow from it.” This entire year I have worked on changing my thought process, rewiring my brain for more positive reactions to things, and meditating on healing scriptures. But my heart? I never even thought about focusing on my heart.

Our hearts are formed in the womb before our brains and they contain their own Central Nervous System. Basically, our hearts send WAY more signals to the brain, than the brain send to the heart. Until today, I never realized the significance of this. Everything (life) begins with the state of our hearts. Whatever we are feeling in our hearts, is what is transmitted to our brains. I had it backwards all this time.

Changing our thoughts and working on our minds is important, but the state of our hearts will be reflected in our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

So now I am focusing on changing the state of my heart and healing the deepest parts of me. Parts that I have left untouched because I thought forgetting them would be easier. Unfortunately, painful situations and trauma doesn’t just go away just because we choose to burry it. In fact, it stays there and poisons us slowly, until we face it.

After all, “A cheerful heart is the good medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22)

2 thoughts on “Change of Heart

  1. I love this post. I’m learning that more and more. The posture of our hearts tend to overrule anything we can do physically. We can try to manage our actions, but if our heart’s posture isn’t in line, it’s worthless. I’m also working on my heart posture towards life and things I cannot control. Learning to be content in whatever situation God has me and my home in at any point in time and trusting God wholly so I can live in peace regardless. Love you girlie!


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