If soul mates are really a thing

Before I met you, I thought I knew what love was. Everyone says that relationships are hard, so that’s what I expected them to be. I would force things that were not meant to be because hard was the trade off for not being alone in this world. Yet, I was still alone and much more broken than I had started.

But then I decided to stop listening to the world. I read my Bible, I listened to God, and waited on Him. I decided to work on myself. I focused on healing my own mind and learned to be content with the life I had, so that if God did bring someone my way,  I would be ready. I wanted to ADD to someone else’s life, not drain them. I wanted to grow with someone and be led by Godly example. I wanted to find someone to build with and encourage daily.

And then I met you…

You came out of nowhere. I had no idea who you were. Which that in itself, is crazy. Living in a small town, we floated through the same circles for so many years, but never crossed paths. I am thankful for that though, as we are not the same people we once were, and I believe us NOT meeting until now, was God’s design. I am glad we only know of each other’s history, and were not entangled in those dark times.

Back in August, you listened to God and messaged me. You did what God told you to do, with no strings attached, and helped me without having a clue who I was. It built an immediate friendship, and I knew you were going to be a significant part of my life somehow. It didn’t take long for me to realize that you were my missing piece.  Everything about you was right. WE were right.

In October, I wasn’t even sure if I ever wanted to get married again, let alone even think about a relationship. I wanted to be ready if I decided, but honestly the idea terrified me. Through our conversations, you expressed the same fears (and rightly so), but by the end of December, you proposed, and I accepted. It’s funny how God works. His timing is never the same as ours.

The world’s clock on how a relationship should flow, still ends in a 50% divorce rate. So,  I stopped listening to everyone else, and I prayed instead. WE prayed, and it only brought us closer together.

It’s different this time around. There is purpose in US. I can feel it.

I can feel it in those moments after work when you hug me, and my entire day fades away. There is an immediate sense of calm. There is no stress, and there is nothing to worry about. Things I didn’t even realize I was concerned about, just disappear. Everything disappears… and it’s just you and me.

It has made me realize, love isn’t hard. Love is kindness and patience. God is love and if we have God in our hearts, it’s not hard. Life gets hard sometimes, but not love. When two people are brought together by God, when you KNOW God has blessed your relationship, its not hard.

Tim, You are patient, you are kind, and you accept me for who I am even with my current health status. You love God, and you pray with me. You share your insights with me and lead the way a man is intended to lead a family. You listen to God, and you listen to me (which is incredibly rare). You work hard, and are constantly trying to make yourself better. Above all, you take care of me and all I want to do is take care of you the same way. You are so much MORE than I ever asked God for.  This life we are going to have together is going to be amazing, and I am so grateful that God saw me fit to be the one who gets to spend the rest of their days with you. If soul mates are really a thing, you are truly mine.

I love you.



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