Be more Selective

My fellow Christian ladies, I am about to speak to you frankly because I have been having a really hard time consoling my Christian girlfriends when they are having relationship problems.

Look, if that man you’re having so much trouble with isn’t a Christian, and you are, I am not the person to seek comfort from. We are NOT to be unequally yoked for a reason, and if that man is not at your level spiritually, BUH BYE.

THAT, is the only advice I want to give to you when you call me upset over your man, and it is really hard to bite my tongue. (maybe I shouldn’t hold it back, but I am still learning too)

There is a specific (and very clear) process that should be followed when dating. First of all, men are made to pursue women. It’s ingrained in their DNA. Seriously. And you don’t have to entertain everyone that pursues you. As a matter of a fact, if he is NOT a Christian, that is an immediate HARD PASS.

A man is supposed to be the head of the house hold. Yes, they are your partner, but they are also the HEAD, and in that role, they should be leading the family spiritually as well. As women, we are to pray and encourage them in that role. ***Side note *** we must make sure we choose a man that we also TRUST to fill the role. That’s VERY important.

If a man that’s interested in you says they will support YOUR beliefs and/or that they’ll start going to church with you, they’re lying. They might go a few times, but then it’ll become a fight. A man needs to already be established in a church BEFORE dating begins. And you want to know why??

I am going to say this once loud and clear and you need to remember this, PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS THE BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM. That man is on the chase and he will say and do things that are not actually part of his character to get you! Once he has you, well, no need to keep those promises….

God gave us steps, directions, and laws to follow for a reason. It isn’t to stop us from having fun, but it is to give us the best lives possible. We have to stop seeing God as a dictator and more of a loving father who truly knows what is best for us. Stop making excuses and just follow His word ladies.

We have all made a million mistakes, and I can guarantee that they were all made doing things our own way… Am I right? Try doing things different this time. Try doing it the right way (God’s way) and see what results you get.

That is all.

Be good sisters and stop entertaining inadequate men, because by being with them, your walk with God will eventually become the same way… INADEQUATE.

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