Seasons Change

“There is a time for everything, and everything on Earth has its season.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

The first thing we all say when we are going through a tough time is, “Why me?” We look over all our recent life choices and try to figure out what we have done to deserve it. However, not all negative seasons in our lives have to do with bad choices. In the Bible, Job lost everything and it wasn’t because he did anything wrong, it was because he did everything right! There are certain trials we have to experience in order to grow in to the people we were meant to be. So, instead of throwing ourselves a pity party when we go through tough times, we need to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this?”

Social media has made it easy for us to compare our lives, but it only allows us to see the things people want to share. Rarely, do we see the ugly truth of the struggles that are really going on behind the filtered selfies and location tags. However, I can assure you, every one of us is dealing with something, or is about to deal with something. We live in a fallen, imperfect world, and no one can avoid pain. The best thing we can do is try to learn through the rough times. Trials teach us patience, perseverance, strength, appreciation, compassion, hope, and how to love. We gain confidence through our victories, and we learn to succeed through our failures.

Trials can also show us what is real in our lives. Chronic illness, job loss, and any number of other struggles will weed out the fake very quickly. At first it feels like life is just adding fuel to the fire. For example, when people walk out, especially when we need them most. But, it doesn’t take long before we realize that their departure, was only God’s protection.

These dark seasons will also teach us to just let go and relax. We have to realize that  we are not in control,and we have to accept the things that happen to us.

I remember a day when I first got sick.I was driving home, completely terrified of what was going on with me. The doctors were confused, and I had almost lost my life. The stress of being a medical mystery made my situation that much scarier. I said to God, “I would rather lose a leg, than deal with this.” I wasn’t expecting a response, but clear as day I heard, “Don’t wish for a permanent solution, to a temporary problem.” It was at that moment that I realized, I was going to be ok

Whenever I have rough days, I hold on to that with everything in me. Now, when the anxiety starts to build up over the, “What ifs?”, I shut those thoughts off and shrug my shoulders. God told me this was temporary so there is nothing else to worry about.

Without getting sick, I would never have found my voice, I would never have realized how incredibly strong I truly was, and I would never have learned to trust God in entirety. Reminding myself of what I have already survived and accomplished, makes me feel like super woman (even when I am too sick to get out of bed). I am hoping this will be the last trial I have to deal with for a very long time, but I cannot regret any of the painful events life has brought my way. Without them, I wouldn’t be me, and I am really starting to love the person I am becoming.

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